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A Bit About Us

A Community of Nations, Networking Effectively and Communicating Triumphantly! 

About 7 years ago the Lord called us out of serving other foundations and began to build a new foundation in a living room in Arlington, Texas. Since then, we have been touched by many nations in just a short amount of time and have begun to see the fires of revival begin to burn! 

It all started with a call from God to keep the Lord's appointed Feasts (Lev. 23) about 10 years ago. From there we learned of a complete walk in God's order we had been blind to most of our Christian lives. 

We hope that through this service we are able to reconcile the Church, the Bride of Messiah to her fullness until His return. 

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Apostolic Prophetic Faith

23 Years ago God united Samuel and Jaimie by covenant for the purpose of building the People of God in Apostolic and Prophetic Faith! 

Apostle Sam was a Youth Pastor and bible student in 1995 and Jaimie was working in Ministry under her Parents taking the Message of the Gospel to the nations through Word and Worship. Through further biblical scholarship and ordination, it has been their purpose and desire to do the will of God as he has taken them from foundation to foundation in ministry, assisting through pastoral leadership and being builders of the Church in the recent past. 

Today the Lord has been gracious to allow a new foundation to be established in the city of Arlington, Texas since 2011; Adat Connect, a Community Of Nations Networking Effectively and Communicating Triumphantly.

Together with an awesome remnant of Believers, God is restoring many through the fullness of the One New Man Message reconciling his People to the knowledge and work of the fullness of the Son of God, Yeshua (Jesus). Through this Apostolic Prophetic foundation we are witnessing the maturity and growth of the remnant move in great power as Jesus had said of it over 2,000 years ago. 

Their true desire and passion is to see the body of Yeshua, the nation of God, in her fullness at his coming. With this they work diligently provoking a jealousy for the ways of יהוה (Yehovah) and turning the eyes of all people back to the heart of God.  

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