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T H E  W E L L 


About Us

THE WELL WORSHIP  is the worship team of ADAT CONNECT, a ONE NEW MAN ministry based in USA-Texas.

The team was born in 2015. At the time, Ramon, Jean Pierre, and Jaimie formed THE WELL WORSHIP that was later joined by Sarai. Its mission is to lead nations into true worship in spirit and in truth in light of John 4:23-24.

We desire to see hearts return to worship the one and true living God.

Be a part of the Worship Experience

Worship is a lifestyle

We are so blessed to have you join us in worshiping our God YEHOVAH and availing ourselves as instruments of worship in His hands. Let us remember that worship is not singing songs; worship is an entire lifestyle that we live in all aspects of our lives unto God. 
Let's be a part of the remnant of God in these end times!  Praise Y E H O V A H!

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